Saturday, April 26, 2014

Days 1-3

Quick rundown of what I ate and my thoughts on each day.

Day 1:

Meal 1: Mushroom, green onion, peppers, and spinach omelette topped with avocado. Side of sauteed asparagus and La Croix sparkling water to drink {coconut flavor with fresh lime}. Everything cooked in coconut oil.

Meal 2: Hamburger protein style for In N Out. {no bun, hamburger, mustard, grilled onions, pickle, tomato}
[NOT ENOUGH! Remember to get the double patty next time and have them grill the patties in the mustard.]

Meal 3: Italian Pork Roast salad with homemade creamy cilantro lime dressing. Yummmmmmmyyyyy...

Thoughts on the day: This seems easy. The hardest part is getting everything ready for me and my family. They eat what I eat but I usually give them sides I can't eat (like brown rice, or bread, or pasta, or corn, or cheese) and it just is annoying cooking it but whatevs. I will live. I do like that I am eating 3 meals a day. Normally I don't. I even forced myself to eat 3 meals today and I am so glad I did. Food is fuel!

Day 2:

Meal 1: Woke up with 30 minutes until I needed to be somewhere. Cooked up an egg and some Chicken Apple Sausage and called it good. Didn't eat enough but at least I ate something.

Meal 2: Salmon salad at lunch with compliant dressing. This was more difficult because we went out to eat with some friends but I made it work.

Meal 3: Mashed sweet potatoes, ground turkey with Italian Seasoning and veggies, steamed broccoli on the side.

Thoughts on the day: It is a lot harder eating out and finding things that are compliant but it isn't IMPOSSIBLE. 

Day 3: 

Meal 1: Scrambled eggs topped with guacamole [TRY THIS, one of my new favorites], Chicken Apple Sausage and a side of veggies.

Meal 2: Italian Pork Roast with creamy cilantro dressing, sweet potato fries and sweet snacking tomatoes on the side.

Meal 3: Creamy Leek Soup from Stupid Easy Paleo {So yummy, my new favorite recipe so far, tastes a lot like creamy potato soup but has no dairy (thank you coconut milk) and no potatoes}, green beans cooked in ghee {first time using ghee and really enjoyed it}, Chicken Apple Sausage with compliant brown mustard on the side [I was STARVING tonight so I ate EVERYTHING]. La Croix Coconut water with fresh squeezed lime...and guys it actually tasted like soda to me...that is how desperate I am for sugar right now. A carbonated flavored water with zero sugar tastes like soda to me. What the what??

Thoughts on the Day: Today SUCKED. I just wanted sugar ALL day long. I read that today is usually the hardest day, as well as day 5. I was grumpy all day and tired. My body is used to getting energy from my sugar intake instead of from fat so I just felt exhausted and like anyone who talked to me should be punched in the face. I was super short with my kids and had zero patience. Everything they did bugged me. So to top off feeling grumpy and tired, I also have super bad mom guilt because I was a jerk to my kids. Hopefully tomorrow gets better because I hate being a jerky/yelly mom. Luckily Handsome Husband was working outside pretty much all day on the yard or I am sure I would have been a jerk to him as well. This no sugar thing is no joke. I never realized how much sugar I really eat. Like it is out of control! There is sugar in EVERYTHING. I read labels on everything I eat to check if it is compliant and it is SO difficult to find some ingredients that are compliant. Like bacon. I really wanted bacon on my soup tonight but have you ever looked at all the bacon in the grocery store. Um, in my store NONE of it is compliant. There is sugar in ALL of it. Luckily Costco has some that has no sugar. I am going to pick some up this week because I freaking love bacon. Also, I have a new love for sweet potato fries. I want to eat them with everything and am determined to get them not so mushy next time I make them. Also, I should really be proud of myself because we went to Target today and the kids and Handsome shared a Slurpee and popcorn. I didn't eat ANY of it. So today wasn't a total loss. I can do this. I can persevere. I have birthed 2 children, this is NOTHING.

But right now I would kill for a tall glass of milk and some cinnamon toast...


  1. Keep up the posts! I love the commentary too. I would like to know the recipe for the dressings also

    1. Thank you! For the dressing I mixed my homemade mayo with my cilantro-lime dressing. You can kind of play with it to see what flavor you like best (more cilantro or less). The recipe for both of those are in my previous post about my food prep! Hope that helps!

  2. yeah, me too...want the recipe for ALL your dishes. They look fabulous! So with your pictures, can you add the cooking directions too???

    1. Thank you!! A lot of them are in the previous post! Here is the link
      I just used a lot of my food from my food prep day and reused them in different ways here. For the dressing, I just mixed my homemade mayo with my homemade cilantro-lime dressing. Both recipes are in the food prep post. Hope that helps! I will post more recipes once I use up a lot of my food prep.


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