Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Setting the Record Straight

I really don't want people to think I am judging them. I am not a judgy person (I know that isn't a word but just roll with it). So please let me set the record straight. I don't care if people love/hate vegetables, love/hate fruit, love/hate meat, love/hate grains, love/hate dairy, love/hate sugar, love/hate legumes, love/hate diets, love/hate people (I sometimes don't like people so I get it). But listen, just because you don't feed your family "whole30 approved foods" doesn't mean I think you are any less of a mom/dad/caregiver than someone who does. You made a delicious meal for your family of rice, chicken, rolls, and pasta salad. AWESOME!! I am so glad you put in that effort! I think it is great! You made a casserole that everyone loved, SWEET, I LOVE casseroles and would never turn down a plate of "Funeral Potatoes"...unless I am on Whole30 because there is no way I am starting over... You went to Cafe Rio tonight and picked up food for your family? Been there, done that, honestly wish I could do it right now. Good work. And I bet it tasted like a little bit of heaven...Oh, you stopped at McDonald's and got your kids a Happy Meal? Sweet. My kids LOVE their Happy Meals. Like, they have an undying love for them. Your kid doesn't eat vegetables? I get it. I have been there. We are finally turning the corner there and it is a work in progress every day. You hate cooking? Well I hate cleaning, so let's just trade, yeah??

I am doing Whole30 for me. Remember? Not because I think I am better than anyone else or because I am trying to be all cool and "up with the times". Nope. Just for me. I want it to heal my gut and get my body back to where it needs to be. To read more about WHY I am doing Whole30, check it out HERE. For reals guys, this is just for me to figure out what works for ME and MY family. So when you read something and you are like, "Wow, Darci is nutso. She is way over the edge and I would NEVER do this."  Guess what...YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!! Whole30 is not for everyone or every lifestyle. It is a personal decision that YOU get to make (and if you do make it, PLEASE read the BOOK first!!). I just love having support along my journey and that is why I made this blog. I love to hear other's thoughts and having encouragement along the way.

This is a 30 day challenge. I am not going to be this strict forever. Don't worry about me. I am getting all the nutrients I need. Promise. And I am NOT judging you as you eat your baked potato slathered in butter and sour cream...promise...I am probably just drooling instead...

Also, this blog has had over 800 views since it began a WEEK ago. What the what?? Thanks for the love!! Leave a comment and let me know who you are. One of the best things about Whole30? The amazing community!!


  1. I'm reading your blog because I think you are AWESOME Darci. I have tried several times over the years to cut out sugar (not as entirely as Whole30 requires, but still quite a bit for me) and am in "scale back" mode (yup. again.) right now. Your blog is encouraging to me, so thanks! Keep up the good work. I hope the change in diet helps you with all of your goals.


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